About Me


I will tell you a secret.
I always wanted to be a painter, but…
I think I had not enough of a talent or perseverance, or it just wasn’t my path.
I always kind of envy people who can capture moments, and smuggle their own emotions in to images. I wanted to be this way so bad, when I was teenager 😉
…so I did some thinking,
maybe brushes and canvas are not for me …
maybe I could use light and silver.. HA!
And this is how my adventure with Photography started. With Black&White films and old russian camera.
Pure Magic.
I can not forget the moment when for the first time I saw the picture apearing on the paper put in to developer.
My adventure had its own ups and downs.. when I was just taking pictures like crazy and then thought there is no point doing that.
I kept my photos out of others site for very long time. Even stopped taking pictures for a long while.
Now I dared to show them the world. I don’t know why this moment is better then other moments 🙂
I am excited and scared 😉
The world of course changed and I am using digital camera those days.
And you will of course ask me about magic?
Magic is catching the moments and feelings. Don’t ask me.
Just look in to your hearts.
And don’t be to harsh for me .. I only want share some of the moments with you. Hope you like them



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